Greetings, and thank you for visiting my work. 

My work is about taking the time to 'recognize', 'study' an individual's inner signature first...
and then bring their character out in the 2 hours we have together. There are nuisances on how someone smiles, and a connection to their life role and experiences.

Thus my photography is  much like a painting.
In which is free of traits that are too manipulated, instagrammy, superficial.
"I wish for the viewer to look at an image, not for 1/2 sec (as on their phones), in which we are used to doing these days, but for my images to draw someone to stand before it, to contemplate it, find new elements, to analyze, to feel."

It's been 25 years, and more if you count my film days, in the darkroom with that red bulb. My experience comes from my days at OCAD, graduation in Industrial Design, Sculpture Installation, and Bronze Foundry, as a sculptor of busts, human form. And this has led to why I create photos the way I do. I used to teach art and design to kids and high school students, and helped them find 'their inner signature'. I believe we all have that unique trait, a unique nose, tone, energy or a way we glow or present ourselves. I find this signature during my photoshoots, to bring out an individual's 'signature', much like how a painter would capture the same feeling of his subject back in the 1500's. It's an observation of light, the composition, the moment. 
My own rolemodels are Jousuf Karsh, John Singer Sargent, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and Francesco Hayez.
I come more from art education as I was a teacher of art and design, teaching pottery, painting, architecture, sculpture and metalcasting. I have a unique background for a photographer.
And of course, fashion photography from Irving Penn or Richard Avedon, Lindberg, and the thrill of the 80's and 90's also imbues my love of photography as something exciting, in which I bring a curiosity of each new subject I work with, to find their inner signature, as if I am a painter in which there is much more to composing a photo, and surely not just 'I took that by pressing a button.' To me, something has to be realized 1st before you do so. All those elements plus an innate curiosity must be present. And to find that moment 'before the moment'. When it's most natural.
I also the publisher and editor in chief of a unique Coffee Table magazine on newsstands, named 'story of Fashion'. In which has been my continued work to capture the work of Canadian Artists and Designers, which has been my mission of 24 years, to create unique Canadian centric narratives to motivate our public to buy and support Canadian Art, handcraft, interiors, fashion, jewellery, design, and to build a Canadian record and legacy....many of the images you see on this site comes from my work published in SOF.
I bring over 24 years of working with some of the best (and I mean masters of light and the 'eye' whom I deeply respect). in over 2350 shoots on set, in most all of Toronto and Montreal's hotels, restaurants, Waterfalls with my team as Creative Director, and the many photoshoots personally in which I photographed, from Vancouver to Montreal
On this site, starting April 2024, I would love to provide to you my style of work, my eye, in photography that I hope can also bring out you inner signature, in unique photos that can be more indelible, timeless, and something you can treasure.  we normally call this, images with essence, or a magic. These days, we can say these images bring out your brand.
Below are some memories of my career going back 24 years.
For more behind the scenes visit SOF's instagram @thestoryoffashion
Here is a photo of myself shooting Adriene Yeardye, Glass Artist from Hamilton.
At the Brampton Airport in 2015 with our models for a fashion clothing campaign
Below: In 2008 with then host of CTV's Etalk Tanya Kim, at the Hazelton Hotel for the magaizne. Photographer was the amazing Chris Thompson.
Below: Out team for the magazine with models Alex, Jaki O (Sutherland Models, Chantale Nadeau), and the very talented photographer Brogan McNab
My wonderful team to photograph Meesha Bruegergosman at the Ritz Hotel in Toronto. With Steven Cassie As our Wonderful photographer
Below, With Chantale Kreviuzik, At The Hotel Le'Sulpice in Old Montreal with Stylist Alex Loeb and the incomparable Chris Thompson. 
Below With Jewellery Designer Clients, my amazing team admin elena Churilova, and the always visionary, photographer J.R. Bernstein.
Below is the wonderful Kate, New to the industry as a model but did an amazing job.
kudos to our make up artist and great friend of mine Jenine seetner for her gorgeous work. You can see more of Kate on this site under my work. Circa 2017.
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